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The Jersey Shore Is The Worst Place To Go For Memorial Day Weekend

Expectation vs. Reality

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You think driving to the shore will be like this

But no matter how early you leave, it's like this

You think your beach body is ready

But no matter how many crunches you do, you're still going to look like this

You think all of the girls will look like this

Or you hope the guys look like this

But the girls (fake) tan too much

And these bedazzled gents are the regulars

You pretend the beach will look like this

But you know it looks like this

You think the sexy lifeguard will save you like this

But really the lifeguard isn't even watching

You think the boardwalk will have awesome rides

But they're either always broken or too unsafe

You assume everyone is like the cast of "Jersey Shore"

Gym. Tan. Laundry.

And when you realize they're not, you feel like this

I practiced my fist pump for nothing.

You're ready to party

But this is the night life

He probably got Bingo

He probably got Bingo

And so you feel like this

You expect to sleep like this

But there are too many people sharing one house

And so the next day you drive back home like this

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