‘Moonrise Kingdom’ Is The American, Less Magic ‘Harry Potter’

It’s uncanny.

1. Sam and Suzy:

2. Are the American Harry and Hermione

Sam and Suzy both start with S and Harry and Hermione start with H. Coincidence? How about lazy plagiarism?

3. Sam’s parents are dead.

He is taken in by a rough-around-the-edges cop.

4. So are Harry’s.

He lives with a rough - and round - family.

5. Suzy fights Sam’s battles.

6. Harry would have died in the first book without Hermione.

7. Suzy has a cat.

A very cute one.

8. So does Hermione.

Crookshanks on the other hand, is terrifying.

9. Suzy and Hermione also wear strangely similar hats.

11. Sam and Suzy like to dance.


12. So do Harry and Hermione.

That’s cute I guess…

13. It took Sam 45 minutes to get to second base with Suzy.

14. It took Harry and Hermione 7 books, 7 movies and a dream sequence.

15. Sam makes a few enemies along the way.

16. But who are we kidding? So does Harry.

17. In conclusion

18. Sam Shakusky and Suzy Bishop

19. Are Harry Potter and Hermione Granger

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