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11 Times The Kardashian's Knew That I Should Work For BuzzFeed

It's time that the staff at Buzzfeed learns what the Kardashian's have known for years. That I, Jordyn Tilchen, am exactly the person you need as your new editorial writer! Granted, the Kardashian's have no idea about any of this... but after ten seasons of Keeping Up With The Kardashian's, they've given me tons of material to help me convince you why I'm the right fit for the job! And here they are:

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1. I am constantly immersing myself in celebrity culture.

Even if I tried, I just wouldn't be comfortable with not being the first to know that Kim is pregnant with baby #2, or that Ed Sheeran took Jay-Z and Beyoncé to a dive bar in Brooklyn, or that Ellie Goulding was the one to set up Taylor Swift with Calvin Harris. I have a constant need to be up-to-date with celebrity news the moment it occurs, and a passion to write about it immediately.

2. I get my college diploma in July and after that I'm headed straight for success.

I have an extraordinary work ethic and put 1000% into everything that I do. Once I finish up at Hunter College this summer, I will move on to much greater things, and by greater things, I mean a position at Buzzfeed *wink, wink*.

3. I'm always ten steps ahead.

I'm not a slacker and I'm always prepared. I can be trusted to put together a quality post on a deadline due to my extensive knowledge of celebrity culture and my ability to work well under pressure.

note: I can't smell if someone has a cavity, but I do know a great dentist.

4. I'm excited and eager to work towards something that I'm passionate about.

After what seemed like a million years in the public school system, I am beyond thrilled to finally head out into the real world and write about what really matters-- like the fact that Zayn Malik is now an unemployed member of society, just like me!

(OMG Zayn!!! we have SO much in common!!!)

5. I work well with others.

Although people are capable of working well individually, I believe that there really aren't any limits when you work with a team. I love when creative people get together to combine several different ideas and end up with something really unique and special (kind of like One Direction before know...left). My main objective with everything I do is to always try to make things better than they were before, and when asked my opinion on something, I always give honest feedback. I also try to couple that feedback with constructive advice on how to make whatever it is even better!

6. I maintain a positive outlook with everything I do.

Regardless of what you do for a living, work is infinitely more fun when you have a positive attitude. I try to exude positivity whenever and wherever I can, and my wish is to make other people's days brighter along the way!

Side Note: Much like Mason Disick, I too love the beach and life.

7. I am confident in my work.

It has always been a priority of mine to make sure my work not only meets the standard, but exceeds the standard. I gain confidence in knowing that I work hard and achieve wonderful results when I put my all into something.

9. I want a fun job!

I'm fresh out of college and I'm looking to work in an exciting and lively office! It's been a dream of mine to work for Buzzfeed, which I strongly feel matches my writing style and my often ridiculous sense of humor. Besides, if it ever becomes way too much fun to handle, I'll have the whole rest of my life to work in a boring and stuffy office!

10. I can either laugh at Buzzfeed, or cry working somewhere else.

Buzzfeed is the first company that I was absolutely sure I wanted to apply to when it came to a post-grad job, so an opportunity like this would mean so much to me! Rumor has it that Buzzfeed is a ridiculously fun place to work-- perfect for a hard workin', buzz writin', entertainment lovin' girl like me!

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