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    Toronto Man May Be Real-Life Grinch

    A Salvation Army director was charged Monday with allegedly stealing hundreds of thousands of toys from his facility.

    This is David Rennie, the former executive director of a Salvation Army warehouse in Toronto. He's a part-time teacher who loves motorcycles.

    He's also the man suspected of stealing up to 100,000 toys and donations — worth about $2 million — from the warehouse over the last two years. Basically, a real-life Grinch:

    Rennie has been on paid leave since August, when the charity began an internal audit of his warehouse. On Monday, he apparently turned himself in. He'll appear in court on Jan. 4.

    The AP reports police found 146 wooden stacks' worth of items — cribs, toys, and strollers among them — in a separate Toronto warehouse. It's unclear if these were Rennie's stolen pieces.

    On the bright side, the Salvation Army has reported a flood of support in response to the news.

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