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    The Terrifying Rant Of A Bat Mitzvah Chaperone

    "You're f-cked! The driver will kill you! He will kill you!" And it all started with a stray M&M. (Audio definitely NSFW.)

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    A group of Scarsdale parents has called a Bat Mitzvah chaperone "out of control and out of line" after audio was recorded of him screaming at several 12- and 13-year-old boys Saturday night.

    The chaperone was the brother of the Bat Mitzvah hosts, escorting the boys back to a suburban high school from the party in Manhattan, according to Scarsdale 10583. He was reportedly provoked when a piece of candy was thrown toward the front of the bus.

    "Who did it? Do it again, you fuck, and you're fucked! This driver will kill you! He will kill you," the man is heard saying. "One more time, you will die, you will bleed out of your fucking nose! That's right, I'm spitting in your fucking eye! Ever do that again and you will die, got it? Death! You fuck! You spoiled fuck!"

    Parents who picked their children up that night claimed the chaperone "appeared to be drunk," but the parents of the young woman celebrating her Bat Mitzvah weren't exactly apologetic, according to the Scarsdale blog:

    The following morning the parents of the Bat Mitzvah girl sent an email out to the parents of the boys on the bus. They claimed that the "counselor" needed to address "a serious safety issue that occurred when a projectile object was thrown at the front of the bus. ... given the late hour and the slick roads, ... the safety of the children could be compromised."

    However, they failed to apologize for the man's inappropriate behavior saying only, "we are very sorry if any of your children were upset by what happened."