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    The 7 Best Books About The British Royals To Read At The Beach

    They have phone sex, threesomes, and babies via turkey baster β€” that is, if you believe everything ever written in book form about the crowned clan across the pond. Here's a guide to the best books about the royals, with our patented five-crown rating system.

    William and Kate: A Royal Love Story by Christopher Anderson Amy Odell fans say Diana Chronicles The Royals Kitty Kelly Corgis Diana her true story The Man who would be King modern Monarch diana-critics diana-readers kitty-new-yorker kitty-goodreads corgis-jezebel corgis-amazon diana-true-crit diana-true-goodreads queen-nytimes queen-mod-fan manwho-crit man-who-fan Image Map

    Art by Chris Ritter & John Gara for BuzzFeed.

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