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    The 32 Girliest Animals On The Internet

    Real women have fur.

    1. This monkey is appalled by the terrible bridesmaid dress she has to wear.

    2. This dog isn't afraid of being "too matchy matchy."

    3. These lady cats love white wine.

    4. This pug can't figure out what shoes go best with her outfit.

    5. This pig is just a babe.

    6. This hipster cat left her yoga clothes at home.

    7. This corgi is trying out for "Toddlers & Tiaras".

    8. This bunny is thinking she shouldn't have gotten wasted before putting her makeup on.

    9. This chihuahua is never drinking and accessorizing again.

    10. This horse is experiencing the shame of getting caught in her laundry-day outfit.

    11. These geese wear their Sunday Best every day.

    12. This cat has breakfast at Tiffany's every morning.

    13. This dog only likes exotic, colored pearls.

    14. This cat is trying not to ruin her figure.

    15. This rat is hoping her groom is wearing something nicer than the candy wrapper he usually has on.

    16. This dog really wishes he didn't have to dress up for the Lady Gaga theme party.

    17. This pig really loves chocolate.

    18. This kitten reallllly wants to fit into Mommy's dressy things.

    19. This frugal bunny doesn't have to buy lipstick.

    20. This camel wishes her handler would STOP buying her lipstick.

    21. This cat wearing pink heels is so cool she has to be Instagrammed.

    22. This duck likes to keep her delicate feathers out of the sun.

    23. This pig is too dainty for the mud.

    24. This cat is NOT sharing her heels.

    25. This monkey is wondering why it's wearing a day dress for nighttime.

    26. This dog keeps it trendy on the beach.

    27. This pony is wondering WHY her owners seem to think she's some kind of drag queen.

    28. This cat wants to turn the outfit her mom gave her for Christmas into her new scratch toy already.

    29. These chinchillas got a little out of hand during girls' night out.

    30. This cat is fabulous.

    31. This dog is tired of paying for lousy manicures.

    32. This cat belongs to Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld.

    Fine: here's one manly cat.