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Surviving Winter Storm Nemo, As Told Through "Finding Nemo" GIFs

A blizzard is a comin' to the Northeast. And its name is NEMO.

The forecast says it's going to snow — a lot. Between 10–14 inches! Which means... SNOW DAY.

But your friends are concerned about it.

And they start to cancel your weekend plans.

You're just like...

Until you see the blizzard watch alert.



Stock up on food! Batteries! Candles!

The next morning, it's snowing like CRAZY. And you could watch it for HOURS.

But that gets boring fast. And your internet is spotty, and you're starting to go a little crazy.

A fight breaks out between your roommates over the Cheez-It supply.

And the storm is getting worse!

You begin to wonder if you'll be trapped in your apartment FOREVER.

But of course, you survive the night.


Then you look outside. Where there's two feet of snow on the ground. And you still. Can't. Leave.