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Lauren Scruggs Gives Her First TV Interview Since Accident

The 24-year-old has a new eye and hand after walking into a spinning airplane propeller last year.

This is Lauren Scruggs. In December, she accidentally walked into the spinning propeller of a small plane in Texas. She sustained severe facial injuries and lost her left hand.

She posted this photo of herself on Lolo, her fashion blog, just days before the accident.

Here she is Thursday, nearly eight months later, on Today, in her first TV interview since the accident. Scruggs, with a new left hand and left eye, was promoting her new book, Still Lolo.

She says she was at the Olympics to take "strength from the Games and the perseverance of the athletes," including gold medalist Gabby Douglas.

Despite enduring multiple emergency operations, she looks very much the same. Ever the fashion blogger, Scruggs has learned to pose so that her disfigurements aren't even noticeable.

She didn't reveal too many details of her recovery, but she said they'll all be in her new book, out Nov. 20.