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    Inside Norwegian Killer Anders Breivik's Prison Cell

    Breivik has confessed to killing 77 people in an anti-Muslim attack last year, including several teenagers at a Norway island youth camp. He gets a treadmill.

    This is Ila Detention and Security Prison, outside Oslo, where Breivik is being detained.

    Here, photos of a cell inside the 124-man prison. Each cell has three 86-square-foot smaller cells.

    At his trial, Breivik said he believed he "carried out a small barbarism to stop a greater barbarism." He argued that he was protecting the Norwegian people. "The July 22 attacks were preventive attacks in defence of my ethnic group and I can therefore not acknowledge guilt," he told the court.

    On Friday, Breivik's sanity will be determined. If he is found insane, he will go to a small, private psychiatric ward. If he is found sane, Breivik will remain at Ila. Norway's most severe prison penalty is 21 years, although that can be extended if Breivik is still considered dangerous to society.