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Columbia Students Are Eating (Or Stealing) $5,000 Worth Of Nutella Each Week

Holy hazelnut.

BREAKING NEWS. Columbia has a Nutella problem.

The school's Dining division started offering the treat in February, but supply continues to run low — partially, some suspect, because students are stealing some for later.

The Columbia Spectator broke the news on Tuesday. BuzzFeed did the math to figure out just how much students are eating and/or hoarding.

We don't know the specifics of Columbia's Nutella order, but we do know the prices listed online:

Columbia officials say they're losing $5,000 worth of Nutella each week. Using the numbers above, that's 850-950 pounds worth of supply.

If Columbia students are consuming 100 pounds per day, as alleged, that's roughly...

Columbia estimates that at this rate, Nutella consumption will cost them $250,000 a year. That's about seven jars per undergrad!

Or, you know, annual tuition and fees for four students.