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Colorado Victims Reach Out To Wisconsin Victims

A sad reminder that the Aurora theater shooting happened just 16 days before the temple shooting in Oak Creek, Wis.

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Aurora on July 20.
Ted S. Warren / AP

Aurora on July 20.

Aurora victim Cody Hickman reached out to his fellow survivors on the Aurora Theater Shooting memorial Facebook page, encouraging them to show support for those affected by the shooting in Wisconsin. The message has been shared 97 times since it was posted yesterday.

Friends, my name is Cody Hickman, and I was in theater 8 during the Aurora theater shooting. I am writing this post as a call to action for all of you. All you will be asked to do is repost this message, and help us network some support.

For those who do not yet know, there was a shooting today at a Wisconsin Sikh temple. Lives have been lost, and many have been injured. In the wake of the Aurora Theater Shooting, we all now know what our neighbors in Wisconsin are about the go through. They will need support, and resources. The volunteers who run this page, as well as the Survivors of the Aurora Theater Shooting page are here to help in that effort. We would like to use our experience with this page to help those in Wisconsin, in whatever way we can.

However, in order for us to do this, we need to reach them via social media. This is where all of you can help. This page has over 10,000 people as an audience, and many of you repost this message, it will hopefully reach our neighbors in Wisconsin. We can help them get the support they need. We can help them streamline their resources. We can help, and so can you. Simply repost this, or direct anybody who may be in that area to this page.

This is a tragedy that many of us now know all too well. There is now a community who will need the same kind of love and support that you have all shown us, for again, I am a survivor of the Aurora shooting, and I am getting better everyday as a result of this effort. So, PLEASE, help us in this. They will need all the help they can get at a time like this.

Thank you,

Cody Hickman

Milwaukee on Aug. 5.

Milwaukee on Aug. 5.

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