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A Woman's Dramatic Weight Loss In 15 Photos

Julia Kozerski lost more than 160 pounds in one year. And she captured it all in the mirrors of dressing rooms.

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Kozerski, now 28, was 338 pounds and newly married when she decided to take on a healthier lifestyle. The photographer formally explored her weight struggles in the self-portrait series “Half” (NSFW). But she also casually documented the process through these iPhone photos.

The 138 photos of "Changing Room" give context to "Half," Kozerski explains, breaching "the divide between the public and the private and offering a raw, uncensored, and unrestricted 'behind-the-scenes' look of my personal experience."

"Both in front of the lens and not, I struggled to come to terms with my changing body. As the weight came off, the shape of my body shifted dramatically and the monumental task of maintaining a well-fitting wardrobe ensued. I felt lost, not understanding the person looking back at me in the mirror. My physique was always in a state of flux and, in an attempt to strike a balance between how I felt and how I looked, I ventured out to stores on a daily basis, piling my arms full of clothing of all shapes and sizes. There was no method to my madness and I subsequently spent hours within the confines of store dressing rooms trying to “find” myself. Purely for personal reference, I used my iPhone to document these endeavors."