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11 Amazon Reviews Condemning David Petraeus' Affair With His Biographer

Petraeus resigned as CIA Director Friday over his affair with Paula Broadwell, the 40-year-old married author of All In. "[Now] we all know that he was really interested in getting 'All IN' her pants."

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And then are these lovely pieces of satire:

The reviews posted before the affair news broke, however, are generally positive. Some criticize Broadwell for a lack of new information or insight, but others praise her for offering unparalleled access. Mark R. Jacobson, a former advisor to Petraeus and Gen. Stanley McChrystal, weighs in with a glowing 621-word comment, in which he writes:

In writing All In, Broadwell had tremendous access not only to Petraeus, but to those who were working or had worked with him -- to include those who disagreed with the General's approach. The pride she has in her mentor/subject, his protégés, and her belief in the mission in Afghanistan most certainly shines through. In the end, the strength of this book indeed lays in both Broadwell's ability to empathize with her subject matter and that her access uniquely gave her the ability to obtain the views of participants as events happened or shortly thereafter when the emotion was often still raw.

If only he knew just how raw.