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    7-Year-Old Uses Facebook To Reunite Siblings Separated For 65 Years

    And he didn't even have to use Graph Search.

    Via http://The%20Des%20Moines%20Register,%20Bryon%20Houlgrave

    Clifford Boyson, 66, and his sister Betty Billadeau, 70, were separated as children in Chicago's foster care system.

    They reunited on Saturday, Jan. 12, in Davenport, Iowa, after Eddie, the 7-year-old son of Boyson's landlord, looked Billadeau up on Facebook for him, the Associated Press reports.

    "I went on Facebook and I typed in Boyson," Eddie told ABC News. "There were a whole bunch of pictures that showed up. One of them kind of looked like Clifford and I zoomed in on it and it started to really look like Clifford, [so] I showed it to my mom and dad."

    Boyson brought his sister pink roses and told her "you're about the same height Mom was."

    After their reunion, the siblings gave Eddie a $125 check, according to the AP.

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