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6 Romantic Comedies Starring Mitt Romney

Thank you, internet.

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A new tumblr by GaffeTank makes Mitt Romney the star of many a' romantic comedy:


An orator billionaire declares his love for country and promises to restore America’s promise without committing to any details.


A straight-talking billionaire says exactly what a group of lined-pocket supporters want to hear, but what he doesn’t know is that the other 47% of the country is listening.


A foolish billionaire discovers that corporations are people too, but then he falls in love with one.


A billionaire Mormon preacher takes a stand on marriage – declaring it should be between a husband and wife or wives.


A billionaire and his friend from Missouri get a hard life lesson when they meet the rarest of women – a legitimate rape expecting mother.


An ambitious billionaire tries to erase his pink slip past by convincing the people he loves that someday he’ll be the job creator he was meant to be.

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