28 Easy Solutions To Your Closet Problems

    How to make the most of your home's smallest, most stubborn space.

    1. Build your own.

    2. Use bookshelves to store and display pretty shoes, hats odds an ends.

    3. Store extra garments — especially out-of-season clothes and things you don't wear very often — under your bed.

    4. Or, use decorative benches for storage.

    5. Cool trunks work, too.

    6. Display them in a glass dresser or vintage cubbies.

    7. Or, find a pretty shoe rack.

    8. Take advantage of high-up wall space by installing hooks to hang luggage on.

    9. Use your pretty suitcases to store out-of-season items, thus freeing up closet space.

    10. Or hide your ugly luggage behind room dividers.

    11. Store scarves, belts and ties in PVC pipe.

    12. Make cubbies out of paint cans. Use them to store accessories like small handbags, clutches, wallets, or sunglasses cases.

    13. Jewelry can be hung on sturdy hangers or bulletin boards.

    14. Install hooks for umbrellas.

    15. And use your umbrella stand to hold a yoga mat.

    16. Install automated LED lights.

    17. Or motion-sensor lights.

    18. Buy or DIY closet rods with LED lights.

    19. But don't over-think it.

    20. Add temporary wallpaper.

    21. Paint your shelves.

    22. Replace the doors with screens.

    23. Or turn your doors into chalkboards.

    24. One rule: No more wire hangers.

    25. Turn your closet into an office.

    26. Put in a full-length mirror.

    27. Or an ironing board.

    28. Or a colorful chair.