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20 Reasons We Shouldn't Be Surprised By The Global Bacon Shortage

The world is running out of pork and bacon, according to the Britain's National Pig Association. The signs were always there.

The world's imminent bacon shortage reportedly stems from the global drought that threatened livestock-feeding corn and soybean crops.

It's hard to be surprised by the news. Bacon enthusiasts have been testing the global supply for years. Maybe the shortage actually has something to do with...

1. This Sandwich

2. This "Starry Night" Tribute

3. These Novelty Items

4. This Kevin Bacon Bust

5. This Jim Gaffigan

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6. This Taco

7. This Country

8. This Woman

9. This Child

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10. This Portland Doughnut Shop

11. This Dog

12. This Dessert

13. This Internet

14. These Cocktails

15. This Ron Swanson

16. This Fashion Trend

17. This Belieber

18. These Pinterest Users

19. This Bacon Sundae

20. This Woman Eating A Bacon Sundae

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