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    15 Controversial Newsweek Covers

    How the magazine spent its final years in print.

    Tina Brown became editor of Newsweek in 2010, when the iconic print magazine merged with her website The Daily Beast. On Thursday, she became the very last print editor of Newsweek. The company announced it's going all-digital in 2013.

    Newsweek's Tina Brown era will be remembered for its controversial covers — the most extreme of which are pictured below. Over time, you'll see the loud covers become more frequent — a final push on Brown's part to get people talking about the magazine again.

    1. June 2011:

    2. July 2011:

    3. August 2011:

    4. January 2012:

    5. April 2012:

    6. April 2012:

    7. May 2012:

    8. August 2012:

    9. August 2012:

    10. August 2012:

    11. September 2012:

    12. October 2012:

    Despite these covers' next-level shock value, it's important to remember Newsweek pushed the envelope before Brown came along. It might be her legacy, but she certainly didn't pioneer the magazine's "LOOK AT ME!" cover style.

    Here, a few covers published under Brown's predecessor Jon Meacham:

    13. November 2009:

    14. September 2009:

    15. September 2009: