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    12 Ridiculous Olympic Team Outfits Throughout History

    The six-week countdown to the 2012 London Summer Olympics' opening ceremony has officially begun. The best part of any Olympics opening ceremony? The crazy team outfits that countries force their athletes to wear.

    1. Spain's mustard-and-ketchup suits, 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

    2. Australia goes on a safari adventure, 1992 Barcelona Summer Olympics

    3. U.S.A. forgets to change out of their gym clothes, 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics

    4. Lithuania experiments with color, 2004 Athens Summer Olympics

    5. Hungary gets splattered with pattern, 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

    6. All Americans are cowboys, right? 1964 Tokyo Summer Olympics

    7. New Zealand goes for the ever-edgy bowling team look, 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

    8. U.S.A. really likes its stripes, 1960 Rome Summer Olympics

    9. Japan prepares for rain, 2004 Athens Summer Olympics

    10. Casual Roger Federer, 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics

    11. France is too cool, 1976 Montreal Summer Olympics

    12. And then France lets itself go a little, 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics