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    Posted on Apr 16, 2014

    16 Things Every Sales Person Experiences

    The highs and lows that come with working in sales are no joke. Here's a typical Friday.

    1. You're working all week to contact your prospect, and you keep getting stonewalled by the receptionist.

    2. When suddenly, you pull out your secret weapon and get them on the phone.

    3. And they tell you they missed your 4 emails and 3 voicemails.

    4. And the conference line is shoddy and your prospect can't hear you.

    5. And your screen share isn't working.

    6. And all they want to hear about are the new features you haven't released yet.

    7. So you take your chances and demo the beta feature.


    9. You've reached a stalemate. But then you realize you went to the same college.

    10. Now they're listening.

    11. You're owning the demo.

    12. You closed the deal.

    13. And it's only 2pm on Friday.

    14. But who cares? You hit your quota.

    15. That leaves 3 hours to plan your weekend.

    16. No one parties harder than sales people.

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