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Steroid Olympics Top 5

If you were allowed to take as many Steroids as you wanted in the Olympics, which events would be the most exciting?

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  • 1. 100m/w Steroids

    It would just be so fast, and twitchy, and angry. World record being smashed with every round, the 100m for me would be the most exciting.

  • 2. Long Jump/w Steroids

    The long jump would benefit by the addition of legalised Steroids. Yes it wouldn't be very fair, but they'd jump pretty far. Really far.

  • 3. Weight Lifting/w steroids

    Weight Lifting would reach new levels. Like, who can lift the most audience members, who can lift a small apartment block etc.

  • 4. Any Swimming/w Steroids

    Every Athlete on steroids would become an animal underwater.

  • 5. Javelin/w Steroids

    The Javelin throwers on Steroids would mean the expansion of athletics stadiums. Not just because they'd be more exciting, but the distance of throws would be far greater.

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