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If all the feuds from 2014 were placed into a Wrestlemania type event.

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Now that Wrestlemania has passed, one can only wonder what it would be like if the celebrity feuds from 2014 solved themselves in the ring. Here are the TOP 6 Wrestling matches that would be the MOST entertaining in the wrestling ring. ENJOY!

MATCH #1 Katy Perry V. Lorde With Special Guest Referee Taylor Swift

Our first match comes from the non scandalous world of music (lmao). After Katy Perry's boyfriend Diplo insulted Taylor Swift about having close to no "asset" , Lorde came to her defense with harsh remarks regarding Diplos Dip stick. Since we don't do intergender fights here, Katy Perry will take on Lorde in place of Diplo with Taylor Swift as the Special Guest Referee.

MATCH #2 Adrian Peterson V. Ray Rice

Well the NFL took some major publicity hits in 2014 including these two runningbacks who have some anger issues that essentially led to violence. Now Adrian Peterson and Ray Rice don't have "beef" with each other, but why not let them take their anger out on each other at Celebrimania?

MATCH #3 Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Uptonand Gabrielle Union V. Unknown

J-Law, Kate Upton and actress Gabrielle Union both were all major victims of the nude photo hacking of 2014. If only somehow we could get the person behind the hacking in the ring with these three women, only God can save him...or her...but most likely him.

MATCH #4 Beyonce Knowles V. Solange Knowles

What's better than a sisterly feud. Now they didn't necessarily feud with each other but Solange was caught on camera laying the smackdown on Beyonce's hubby Jay-Z. In Jay's place, Beyonce will step in to the ring with her own sister Solange. Beyonce is Crazy in Love, and she is going to prove it.

MATCH #5 Bill Cosby V. Hannibal Buress

Now if those four matches don't intrigue these final two certainly will. Hannibal Buress otherwise known as "the man who exposed Bill Cosby" called Bill a rapist in one of his sets which led to several women coming forth with rape allegations against Cosby. Now although Cosby is old, I'm sure he would love to get his hands on Hannibal. Maybe a Pudding match? Or have all the girls who have placed allegations on Bill surrounding the ring so Bill can't escape the wrath of the Hannibal!!!!

MATCH #6 MAIN EVENT Justin Bieber V. Orlando Bloom

Well this should be interesting, apparently in July of 2014 Legolas, er, I mean Orlando Bloom took a swing at Bieber for comments the Biebs made about Bloom's ex girlfriend Miranda Kerr, things heated up and Orlando apparently started dating Justin's ex girlfriend Selena Gomez so needless to say these two are the worst of enemies, which would make for a very intriguing fight in the squared circle.

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