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After the revelation of the cast of the upcoming DC Comics film "Suicide Squad" , I fancast the film with who I think should be playing the anti-heroes!

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We now know who will be playing characters such as The Joker and Harley Quinn, but are these the best choices for those roles? Here are some actors and actresses I feel fit the mold better for these villains.

Starting with the Joker of course... Jared Leto was cast as diabolical maniac and I do think he will give a different take on the role which will be enjoyable, but I think Harry Lloyd can take this role to another level.

Lloyd is best know for Game of Thrones character Viserys Targaryen In season 1 of the hit show. But has also been apart of Doctor Who, The Iron Lady and the more recently released film The Theory of Everything. In his Game of Thrones role we see how volatile and maniacal Lloyd can portray a character and he has a screen presence that makes every scene he is in interesting, and bringing that quality to the Joker would be epic.

Second, we can go to The Joker's female counterpart. Margot Robbie was cast as Harley Quinn, which I also think will be a good casting...but how great would Alison Brie be?

Alison Brie is gorgeous. She has portrayed everything from a snobby housewife in 'Mad Men' to a giddy, goodie two shoes blast of energy in 'Community'.. and she would absolutely nail this role if given the opportunity.

Now onto Deadshot, although I am a bit upset that Will Smith was cast for this role I wont have an accurate review of the job he does until I see the movie of course, but who better to play a gritty, revenge seeking tough guy then Mr.Grit himself, Norman Reedus of The Walking Dead.

Reedus would be phenomenal as Floyd Lawton, who has some dry humor in some of the Batman stories, but is more known as a docile but deadly character, and the Daryl character in the Walking Dead speaks volumes on what Reedus can do.

The Enchantress is not a character many people know much about, so we will have to see how well Cara Delevigne can consume the character. She seems to have the look but does she have the acting chops? One actress who does is Amanda Seyfried.

Seyfried has played villains and damsels alike. She has an extremely broad range of characters she can bring her energy to. I think she would introduce this character to audiences leaving them salivating desperately wanting more.

Onto Rick Flagg. Another not so well known character, but assigning Tom Hardy to the role should give him some recognition if not for the size and body of Hardy, but definitely for the acting. Hardy can bring so much to a character but if I had to cast someone else in this role it would be Luke Evans.

Luke Evans brought tremendous power and strength to the role of Dracula in the recent Dracula Untold film. He contains the ability to portray a leader, which he has done several times. His role in the Hobbit films has really put him in a new category when it comes to diverse actors in fantasy roles.

And last but not least... Boomerang. Also known as Captain Boomerang, it was announced that he would be played by Jai Courtney. Courtney is a fairly unknown actor who is still very early in his career so I decided to go with a well known actor for this role. Ewan McGregor.

Boomerang is a bit of an older character in age, but definitely can hold his own, and McGregor has the acting abilities to manipulate the screen in his favor with mesmerizing dialogue and great vocality.

This of course is not the cast that you will be seeing in the summer of 2016. But the casting directors know what they are doing, "hopefully". DC Comics has disappointed fanboys in the past, but this casting job doesn't look like they'll be sending the audience for the hills time around. Either way, all movie fans are excited for this film following Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016.

Who would you have liked to see in any of these roles, leave your comments below!

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