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    13 Typos Only Your Dog Would Make


    1. ajkns awu87t^T&

    Get it together, Fluffy.

    2. sfus oidja;hs;hasi438h&Y9tgbR%&$E

    Unimpressive WPM.

    3. qoavy93g4 34ty79l:::7^F

    Ever hear of spell check?!

    4. ud ‹ÍÍ‹!B@L;

    Worst e-mailer ever.

    5. &^RIT% UOQR#

    Not only did the dog eat your homework, he also wrote it!

    6. q yq ;33 ;uhgwjr/

    It's "q yq ;34 ;uhgwjr/," not "q yq ;33 ;uhgwjr/."

    7. ?*YHIN DFjkl?><*####(_


    8. *TYGI LFH:Afja sddddgd

    Come on.

    9. A*U AJ: fbvg;wdbf s JAL;

    No more treats for you!

    10. bvvauo af ay9 &y79aadfls;%#I

    Seriously, get it together.

    11. v7 v9yasoh;ajsdl jdR^&hsl a

    You're not going to get far in life with these typos.

    12. v98zhzu z zz falgh;z fw97t 23Q*^f


    13. &(P GA dd o lja ssdx m,a.n nnnadd jsfe klsd 7t

    Why did we even buy you your own computer?

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