The Gayest St. Patty’s Day Pictures

Before we start calling the Irish holiday “Straight Pride,” let’s consider these pretty questionable pictures (and video) that will have you rolling your eyes, saying “What the frock?”

1. Like these “bros.”

2. And this one.

He’s wearing a boa, for chrissakes!

3. The queens. You betta werk, hunty!


Note the hand-on-hip diva pose.

4. Her too.


5. He kind of counts.

Although the woman grimacing behind the green wizard dude is kind of awesome.

7. That wig on that boy who’s smiling with those other boys. So cute!


8. This guy’s gown and his ethereal wave.

Not to mention his dapper green-suited friend who’s touching his shoulder!

9. The dark-haired girl’s mischievous eyes says it all.


10. She wants to do what these girls are doing.

11. This qualifies as bisexual.

12. This guy, stripteasing and getting all close to another dude.

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13. Lance Bass.

14. He really LOVES St. Patty’s Day!

15. Aaaaannnd this…

17. So yeah.

Who knew we wouldn’t have to wait until June for Gay Pride?

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