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    Coming Out On The Internet

    one youtuber's brave decision, and it's effect on the social media scene

    Meet Connor franta

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    Connor Franta / Via

    Over three million subscribers know him as the twenty two year old who posts videos every "Frantastic Monday." They know he's in love with cats, coffee, and photography. He's made videos since 2010, and seemed like he bared everything with his beloved viewers.

    Today, a new video was uploaded onto YouTube, one that I don't think too many people were expecting. Titled, "Coming Out", everyone instantly knew what this was. The Connor Franta they all knew and loved had been hiding some very deep struggles from the public.

    In the six minute, tear jerking video, Connor let his viewers in on a part of his life he had tried to keep hidden in previous years. Fighting tears, he explained how he had always felt different, but the thought of being gay "terrified" him. So he had tried to cover it up with girlfriends and acting. As the years progressed, hiding this secret began to eat away at him, and he fell into a depression that for a while, only his closest friends knew about.

    He finally told his viewers in a video he posted back in July, but he didn't go into detail on what caused his depression. Rumors began to circle that upcoming Australian artist, Troye Sivan's new single "Happy Little Pill" was about Connor's depression.

    As the video went on, Connor explained how one night he finally had the courage to tell someone about his sexuality. It was later confirmed to be fellow YouTube star, Tyler oakley that he told.

    What Connor didn't seem to realize was was just how much his fans loved him. #weloveyouconnor made its way around Twitter, as countless fans offered support and encouragement to the boy who feared being hated.

    Franta later tweeted, saying a thank you to everyone who was supportive of his video.

    So, Connor Franta, there's no need to worry; they love you for who you are, so keep on being you.

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