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The United States Presidential Candidates For 2016

A list of the Presidential Candidates for the 2016 election

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Note: this currently only includes those that are leading their party in their parties primary delegate count or leading by popularity in the United States

America's Party/ American Independent: Tom Hoefling


Tom Hoefling is seeking his parties nomination again as he won it in 2012. There are other challengers, but he currently appears to be the front-runner. The party's convention is set for July.

Peace and Freedom Party: Dr. Lynn Kahn


Dr. Lynn Kahn is the only independent candidate considered for the Peace and Freedom party's nomination. Gloria LaRiva of the party of Socialism and Liberation and Monica Moorehead of the Workers World party are also being considered. The nominating vote is set for April 17th.

Reform Party

The current candidates are:

* Ken Cross of Arkansas

* Lynn Kahn of New York

* Ed Chlapowski of Texas

No other information could be found

There are many more independent candidates that are running for President of the United States! See all of them at

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