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Tila the Poet

After being rejected by contestant, Kristy Morgan, in the final episode of her show A Shot at Love: 2, a heartbroken, yet vengeful Tila Tequila composed an original poem that she then posted on her MySpace page.

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After several weeks of sorting out suitors (both male and female), Tila was ready to give her heart away once again when she selected Kristy Morgan, a former Playboy model, as her one true love. Her hopes and dreams were promptly shattered, or so we are led to believe, when Morgan callously refused Tila's offer for the ultimate shot at love. Interestingly, from a self-promotional standpoint, the poem was posted just two minutes after the final episode aired. Now, as we all know, the show was filmed long before it was televised. Something tells me, I don't know why, that the emotions in that poem might be a bit disingenuous. That Tila, she's so smart.

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