Which Baseball Team Has The Cutest Puppy Fan?

Baseball starts tonight*. What better way to get ready for the season than to look at all these adorable puppy fans. Does your team’s puppy come out on top?


30. New York Mets

Adorable? Yes. Loses points for being exploitative.

29. Philadelphia Phillies

28. Los Angeles Angels Of Anaheim

27. Detroit Tigers

26. Arizona Diamondbacks

24. Florida Marlins

23. Houston Astros

17. St. Louis Cardinals

12. San Diego Padres

11. Kansas City Royals

10. San Francisco Giants

7. Pittsburgh Pirates

5. Boston Red Sox

3. Los Angeles Dodgers

1. OUR CHAMPIONS: Chicago White Sox

BONUS CUTENESS: Honorable Mentions

*We choose not to acknowledge games played in Japan that started in the middle of the night in America.

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