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What I Learned From The 16 Best Belieber Responses To Bieber's Baby Drama

When Mariah Yeater came forward and filed a paternity suit against Justin Bieber I didn't really know what to think. After all I'm no expert on The Biebs. So I turned to a place full of people with PhDs in Bieberonomy: Twitter. Here's what I learned.

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4. Someone Named Kenny Makes Sure Bieber Has No Privacy

Or something. I actually don't know. I didn't want to waste time with a Google search on that one. But I guess he would never let Bieber have sex with a fan.


5. Justin Bieber Doesn't Go Around Fucking Random People

I also learned that if you seriously believe that Mariah Yeater is telling the truth, then you should just get the fuck off Twitter. Adrian Chen, I think she's talking to you.