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The Goofiest Players In The NBA

In a league of goofs, these men rise above the rest.

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1. JaVale McGee, Denver Nuggets

Twitter: @javalemcgee34

Goofy Highlights: He has a mustache tattooed on his finger despite the fact that he always has actual facial hair. His Twitter account is among tmost insane in the league. He has an alter ego named Pierre.


5. Chris Andersen, Denver Nuggets

(Getty Images)

Goofy Highlights: Chris "The Birdman" Andersen has mellowed in recent years, but the fact that he has a self-appointed nickname, absurd tattoos, and missed like 80 dunks in a row in the dunk contest after saying "the birdman's about to fly" keep him in the conversation.

7. Tristan Thompson, Cleveland Cavaliers

Goofy Highlights: Thompson is the youngest player to make our rankings, but his performance in this terrible rendition of "My Girl" that the Cavs made for their fans definitely shows big time promise. Keep an eye on this kid.

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