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The 15 Most Important Questions About LeBron James Asked On Yahoo Answers

Because the world needs to know!

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These are all actual questions about LeBron James on Yahoo Answers. I felt they deserved to be answered.


LeBron James is an actor who was very funny in a number of commercials where he played multiple roles. In his spare time he plays basketball and travels around the world like Indiana Jones looking for a thicker headband.



A freemason is exactly what it sounds like. It's a liberated craftsman. And LeBron and Jay-Z are not craftsmen. They're a basketball player and a rapper respectively. It's neither good nor bad.


Yes he is. LeBron was an early proponent of the Euro, but that was mostly because he was trying to pretend that he knew more about soccer than he did, and got confused about what was being discussed.



I've never heard of Floyd Mayweather of LeBron James. Does Floyd Mayweather hail from some fantasy kingdom that was named after LeBron James? If so, I highly doubt that they have the Navy Seals their. Unless that means a Navy of literal seals. In which case, no he would not pass, because he is a human man.


I honestly don't know. This one confounded scientists so much that they decided to research it at CERN. They accidentally found the God Particle, but still no luck here. Sorry, bro.


He was the inspiration for the reality show, So You Think You Can Dance. He did think that, and Cat Deeley was like, "Yo dude, whatever. Prove it." And then he did, and she was like, "Cool." And then she realized that should be a TV show. People love that TV show.


Whoa, man. No need to get so confrontational. I have done a lot with my life. For instance, I once saw Matthew Broderick in an elevator and told him that I loved him St. Elmo's Fire. Has LeBron ever done that?


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