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The 11 Most Powerful Olympic Moments In GIFs

The Olympics are a hotbed for emotional and chilling stories. Here are some of the best, told in GIFs.

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1. 1992 Olympics — Barcelona: Great Britain's Derek Redmond was a medal favorite in the 400m. He was in the best shape of his life and seemed to finally be past a string of injuries that had led him to drop out of the '86 Commonwealth Games.


2. 1936 Olympics — Berlin: Hitler wanted to use the Olympics as a means of demonstrating to the world the superiority of the Aryan race. Jesse Owens had other plans. He went on to win three gold medals in track and field.


5. 1972 Olympics — Munich: The US Men's Basketball Team was playing the USSR squad in the gold medal game. After a timeout that should not have been allowed, the USSR inbounded the ball with almost no time left.

But then it was ruled that there should have been three seconds instead of one, and the teams were called back on the court. The ref told the US defender that he couldn't defend the inbound pass, which allowed a full court heave...

6. 1968 Olympics — Mexico City: Bob Beamon broke the long jump world record by nearly 2 whole feet. He actually out jumped the measuring equipment so it took a few minutes to figure out just how far he had leapt.


9. 2000 Olympics — Sydney: Eric Moussambani swam for Equatorial Guinea. He qualified for the games under a "wildcard" provision that allowed for athletes from developing countries to compete.

But despite having never swam in a pool this big, nor being properly prepared to swim this distance, Moussambani finished. The fact that his time was more than double the next slowest seemed beside the point.