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Hurricane Sandy Resurrected Old Cleveland Municipal Stadium

The stadium that once played host to both the Indians and the Browns, and was unaffectionately known as "The Mistake On The Lake," was destroyed in the mid '90s and dropped in Lake Erie. Hurricane Sandy brought it back.

According to Tremont Electric, Hurricane Sandy's path over Lake Erie brought back memories of one of the worst pro sports stadiums ever constructed. Strewn alongside the shores of the Bratenahl section of Cleveland this morning were pieces of the infamous Cleveland Municipal Stadium that was destroyed in November 1996. The debris was used to make three man-made reefs in Lake Erie — though I'm not totally convinced that that's not a euphemism for throwing your trash in the lake — and Sandy unmade them.

Cleveland Municipal Stadium in 1991:

Cleveland Municipal Stadium this morning:

No word if the most disgusting urinal troughs the world has ever seen have reared their ugly heads. No one has reported any mutations yet so I'm thinking we're still safe on that front.

H/T Vince Grzegorek at Cleveland Scene.