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Why Eight Badminton Players Were Disqualified For Trying To Throw Olympic Matches

Here's a step-by-step guide to undermining the legitimacy of Olympic competition.

The Disqualified Teams:

The Motivation:

The Evidence: Intentionally Crappy Play (China-South Korea)

No seriously. It was really crappy. These are the first four points of South Korea-Indonesia.

The Warnings:

There's something heartbreaking about how frustrated umpire Wolfgang Lund gets over the course of the three separate warnings South Korea and Indonesia received in the first set.

The Dissent: This is the first point following the first warning of South Korea-Indonesia.

Was China-South Korea any better after the warnings?

The Crowd's Reaction:

The two South Korean teams ended up winning both matches, but it didn't matter as all four teams were disqualified.

The decision was made by the Badminton Federation, but was welcomed by the IOC, whose Vice President Craig Reedie said:

The Sad Moment We'll Remember: