Dennis Rodman Kicked Out Of Hotel Bar For Loving Kim Jong-Un Too Much

This is a real story.

The New York Post has an amazing story today about US Diplomat basketball weirdo Dennis Rodman.

ABC Television, Lorenzo Bevilacqua / AP

2. Nice. Dennis Rodman kicked out of a hotel bar. What did he do? Was he punching people? Breaking stuff? Drunk beyond belief?

VICE Media, Jason Mojica, File / AP

3. Oh… Hm… That's weird. He was saying how great that evil dictator is?

Handout / ABC / Reuters

4. Wow. I doubt the people of North Korea would say he's a nice guy. At least this can't get any weirder, right?

Handout/Abc / Reuters


6. Kim Jong-Un, you are such a dummy.

Kcna / Reuters

We don’t listen to Rodman. Giving him your manifesto to spread is like counting on Tara Reid to do your taxes.

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