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Posted on Jul 29, 2012

A Mystery Woman Crashed The Opening Ceremony

She wasn't a part of the Indian delegation, but that didn't stop her from marching with them.

MIKE BLAKE / Reuters

Look at the above photo. One of these people is not supposed to be there? Can you guess which one? If you had guessed the woman in the bright red shirt and blue pants that isn't dressed like ANYONE else in the photo, then you would probably make a better security guard than the ones they have working in London. Indian Olympic officials were shocked to see this woman standing in front of their delegation on Friday night, and complained to the English organizers of the games.

So who is she? Well according to Sebastian Coe, the chairman of the London Olympic Organizing Committee, she was a cast member in Danny Boyle's heroin-fueled nightmare fever dream opening ceremony, who simply, "got slightly over-excited." I hate when that happens to me. One minute I'm at MSG and I'm fine, the next minute, I'm over-excited and sitting on the Knicks' bench.

GABRIEL BOUYS / Getty Images

Coe went on to hilariously say that the woman had been screened to get into stadium, so therefore there had been no security breach. Because obviously once you're okay to get into the stadium, you're totally okay to just do whatever you want. It's why I ride the Zamboni at every hockey game I go to.