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25 Reasons Starter Jackets Were The Coolest Things That Ever Existed

An ode to the coolest jacket (with a built in fanny pack!) that's ever existed.

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8. Sometimes they let you make hyper-specific points.

"I don't want people to think I like the Lakers, but I'd love it if they could know that I enjoyed the Showtime Lakers. Do you have anything that says that?"


15. They were so much cooler than their imitators.

Look at Sherman Lewis on the left. He's not wearing a Starter Jacket. He's wearing what looks to be some Champion-brand knockoff of a Starter jacket. Notice how much cooler Tony Dungy (!) on the right looks. That's a perfect look.

16. Starter Jackets were so cool that even LA Law's Corbin Bernsen wore them. (And so did Brooke Shields!)

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17. They've even inspired songs!


The bottom line is...