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21 Reasons Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics Is Cooler Than You Think

People love to make fun of rhythmic gymnastics. Those people are stupid.

1. Sometimes they blow your mind with hula hoops!

2. No, really.

3. It's crazy.

4. *brain explodes*

5. Sometimes they launch the hula hoop with their foot, which seems damn near impossible.

6. How does she do this?!

7. Sometimes it seems like the hula hoop is a part of their bodies...

8. Like here for instance.

9. Sure, sometimes they drop the hoop, but that's pretty funny.

10. But most of the time they just do awesome stuff with it.

11. And for reference, this=awesome stuff.

12. Sometimes they blow your mind with a ball!

13. Like here.

14. Sometimes they just do impressive gymnastics moves and the ball seems unnecessary.

15. I mean the ball helps some here...

16. But, does it add anything here? No. It's still awesome though.

17. Sometimes they stand up on their toes in ways that seem so painful you'll hurt just watching them.

18. Sometimes they dribble the ball, which looks pretty goofy.

19. Sometimes gymnasts end their sets in really awesome ways.

20. Sometimes those ways are badass.

21. And most importantly, sometimes a coach won't know how to make a heart with her hands.