20 Arcade Games You Can Own Thanks To The Death Of An ESPNZone

My dream has been to one day own an arcade game. Today that dream might come true. Thanks to the sad death of the Washington DC ESPNZone (who can forget their delicious microwaved hamburgers?) you can now bid on one of their arcades. Here are the most recent prices. Some of them may surprise you.

1. Big Air Hockey

Current Bid: $140

2. Small Air Hockey

Current Bid: $145

3. Arcade Bowling Lanes

Current Bid: $120

4. Blitz 2000

Current Bid: $90

5. Claw Machine

Current Bid: $80

6. Cruisin' USA Exotica

Current Bid: $1.31

7. Daytona USA Racing

Current Bid: $6.00

8. Downhill Bikers

Current Bid: $0.02

9. Furlong Horse Racing

Current Bid: $120

10. Golden Tee 2005

Current Bid: $225

11. Harley Davidson Racing

Current Bid: $85

12. HydroThunder

Current Bid: $55

13. MoCap Boxing

Current Bid: $23.83

14. MoCap Golf

Current Bid: $60

15. Table Hockey

Current Bid: $390

16. Super Shot Basketball

Current Bid: $86

17. Power Pitch

Current Bid: $32.50

18. Rush 2049

Current Bid: $1.51

19. Wave Runner

Current Bid: $0.03

20. Redskins Football Throw

Current Bid: $15

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