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18 Photos Of Empty Seats At Sold Out Olympic Events

There are countless people in London trying to get tickets to Olympic events only to be told that they're sold out. I'm sure those people are delighted to see images like these.

It turns out scores of tickets that had been sent out to foreign delegations and other VIPs are going unused and are being found in the possession of scalpers ... who are getting arrested and thus rendered unable to sell them. This has led to a large number of empty seats at events, angry crowds of people outside venues they are told are "sold out," and a massive headache for the games' chief organizer, Sebastian Coe.

Organizers have begun trying to fill empty seats with military personnel, teachers, and students, but so far there are still a lot of dead zones.

1. Women's Volleyball

Chris O'Meara / AP

2. Men's Volleyball


3. Men's Basketball

Rob Carr / Getty Images

4. Women's Soccer

DAVID MOIR / Reuters

5. Men's Soccer

GRAHAM STUART / Getty Images

6. Dressage

AFP / Getty Images

7. Women's Weightlifting

8. Men's Weightlifting

Laurence Griffiths / Getty Images

9. Women's Tennis


10. Men's Tennis

11. Judo


12. Women's Gymnastics

Gregory Bull / AP

13. Cycling

14. Women's Swimming

15. Badminton

16. Boxing

17. Fencing

18. Handball

H/T Daily Mail