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12 Things That You Get For Buying An Ownership Stake In The Mets

If you spend $20 million to buy a minority ownership stake in the New York Mets, you would probably expect some awesome perks. You would be mostly disappointed.

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3. A Parking Spot

And if you thought the business card was the only awesome perk, you'd be wrong. The Mets will also give you a parking space. That's right, you get to own part of a major league franchise and they list "parking space" as a major perk.

4. The Annual Opportunity To Throw A First Pitch

Proving that your $20 million investment isn't a complete waste, they'll also let you throw out the first pitch once a year. An activity that would be cooler if they didn't also let a bunch of random people that didn't pay tens of millions of dollars do it.


5. The Annual Opportunity To Take Batting Practice At Citi Field

Photo by Kevin H. on Flickr.

Once a year they will have an "Owner's Work-out Day," where they will allow you to take batting practice. They'll let you on the field once a year! It's just what you imagined owning a baseball team would be like.

6. Access To Mr. Met At Citi Field Events

The way this is worded in the document is as follows: "Mr. Met made available for Owners at CitIi Field events." If I'm reading that correctly, they're saying that Mr. Met will be at Citi Field events, and if you're at Citi Field events he won't avoid you. "Made available"? Mr. Met's job is to make himself available to everyone. That's what a mascot does.

8. Attend One Road Trip Paid For By The Mets (The Road Trip Will Be Chosen By The Team)

Attending a road trip with the team would be very cool and an "owner-y" thing to do. Attending a road trip where the team just buys you tickets and airfare? If you're considering this investment, you have millions of dollars. You can just fly yourself and buy tickets to ANY road trip. Not just one the team chooses. I have a feeling all of these new "owners" will be enjoying a complimentary trip to see the Mets play the Pirates this summer.


11. An Invitation To The Mets Holiday Party

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Watch out for David Wright. He gets handsy.