12 Movie Titles That Make Awesome Nicknames For Your Vagina

Hi there ladies. Do you love your vagina, but feel it might be missing something? Did you ever think that something could be an awesome movie-inspired nickname? No? Well maybe you should.

1. Boiler Room

Do you put a lot of pressure on yourself or your partner during sex? This is the nickname for you.

2. The Thin Red Line


3. The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre

Good enough that Humphrey Bogart will dig for it.

4. The Hurt Locker

Should potential partners stay away from you? Are you too much trouble? Well then, here’s a nickname for you.

5. Pan's Labyrinth

This nickname is good to give partners a heads up if you find yourself not knowing what you want from sexual relationships.

6. Sin City

Are you wild and/or a comic book nerd? Here’s one for you.

7. Mystic River

This one is great if you want to add an air of mystery.

8. Hotel For Dogs

Do you have bad luck with guys? Are you self-deprecating about it?

9. Night Passage

This Jimmy Stewart classic allows you to put your sexual time of day preference right in the nickname (provided you are a night time girl).

10. Thunder Bay

Another Jimmy Stewart film that is perfect if you think sex should be an intense cardio activity.

11. The Spirit Of St. Louis

Jimmy Stewart is in a lot of movies that can be made vaginal. This one is really only good for people from St. Louis or die-hard Cardinals fans.

12. The Last Temptation Of Christ


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