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10 Reasons Emmy Voters Are Idiots For Ignoring Community

Emmy voters, it's time we had a talk. Now I am somewhat impressed that you nominated Parks and Recreation and Friday Night Lights for Best Comedy and Drama respectively. Hell, you nominated Louis CK for Best Actor. That's awesome. But you still have a long way to go. And where you need to go specifically is to Hell. Did I say Hell? I meant Greendale. Here are 10 reasons why you need to stop ignoring Community.

  • 1. Donald Glover Is A Genius

    When Childish Gambino isn't busy being an amazing rapper, he's busy being the funniest person on a night full of funny people. I don't think anyone makes me laugh more consistently.

  • 2. It's Like A Live Action Simpsons

    Ken Jeong explains it eloquently in the above video. The Community universe is ever-expanding and constantly populating with new recurring characters. And they're all hilarious (Pop Pop!).

  • 3. It's More Than "Will They or Won't They"

    So many shows (some of them very good) build their entire arcs around "will they or won't they" romances. Jim and Pam. Sam and Diane. John McClane and Crazy Cybil Shepard (little known fact, that is her legal name). Community seemed like it was heading in the same direction with Jeff and Britta, but instead they went somewhere far more interesting. When they finally hooked up, that's all it was a hook up. And rather than becoming an item they became fuck buddies. It was a different way to handle the tension and one that felt far more realistic than seasons and seasons of stolen glances.

  • 4. Paintball

    The paintball episodes are high water marks not just for Community but for televised comedy over the last few years. How could someone not like this show?

  • 5. The Tags!

    The final thirty seconds of every episode of Community are funnier than the entireties of most TV shows. You could substitute any of the tags for the one I included, because they're all so good (Troy and Abed in the Morning, Bert and Ernie, "I'm Jeff Wingerrrr, etc).

  • 6. Alison Brie

    I don't think there is anyone in Hollywood who could wield a chloroform-soaked rag quite like Miss Brie. I hope it's listed on her resumé under special skills.

  • 7. It's Funny!

    This seems obvious, but I think voters may have forgotten that criterion. After all, they included Glee.

  • 8. But It Still Does Emotion Well

    And it does it while not being cloying. It's a tight rope, but Harmon and co. walk it.

  • 9. It Plays With Genre

    Again, like The Simpsons, Community can not be classified into a single genre. One week it's a western, the next an action movie, the next a paranoid thriller or horror movie. It's doing so much more than everyone else and doing it well.

  • 10. Ambition

    Community wants to be more than your average TV show. It tries big ideas. Outside of just genre juggling, it also just does crazy things. Like the clip show of episodes we never saw. "It's a train that runs on us!" This is to say that Community's degree of difficulty is far higher than most shows and the Emmy Voters should be embarrassed that they didn't reward it for that and all of the other above reasons.

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