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Jul 20, 2011

10 Douchiest Colleges In America

So GQ just released their list of the nation's douchiest colleges. They did okay, but we've put together our own list. It's like theirs, but you know, right.

  • 1. NYU


    Home of The Hipster Douche and the Privileged Activist Douche

  • 2. Harvard


    I mean these guys all went there...

  • 3. Duke


    Charming. No?

  • 4. Ohio State

    Ohio State

    We get it. You like your sports teams. Enough already. (I'm a die hard Ohio State fan, but I must remain objective for the purposes of this list... That said, O-H!)

  • 5. Arizona State

    A great number of douchebags helped to turn ASU girls into robot-like creatures.

  • 6. Notre Dame

    Notre Dame

    The douchebaggery of moral high horsery (just go with me) is afoot. ND finished 132 out of 141 in School-wide Sexual Health. Maybe you guys should stop pretending like condoms on a college campus are a bad idea.

  • 7. Penn State

    Penn State

    This American Life had a whole episode about how drunk and dumb Penn State students are all the time. Ira Glass does not put up with the drunken douchery of peeing on people's lawns and breaking into their houses and neither do I.

  • 8. USC

    I mean just listen to Marc Tyler.

  • 9. UC Berkeley

    UC Berkeley

    Like NYU douches but with more sun and hippie music.

  • 10. Michigan


    Like Ohio State douches but with an inflated sense of their own intelligence. Also they lose more often at sports.

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