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    30 Things From Wayfair That'll Actually Make It Easy To Keep Your Garage Tidy

    Here's how to clean that one room that isn't really outside but also isn't really... inside.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Some easy-to-install garage flooring to help protect your garage floor from debris and wear and tear. This rubber matting is easy to move and clean, so when oil from your car hits or dirt and mud get tracked in from shoes, you won't have to worry about any long-term damage.

    A black rubber garage floor mat

    2. A lockable deck box that holds a lot and is easy to transport. If you're in need of safekeeping for important equipment, this 88-gallon deck box will get the job done. Materials are made to protect against water, dust, and any insects, which means no surprises when you open it up. And it comes on wheels, so if you ever do decide to move this unit outdoors, no lifting required.

    A mocha brown storage box holding a leaf blower

    3. A workbench aka the perfect piece to start your garage organization. With a rubberwood tabletop and adjustable height, your bench will meet you where you're at and give you the space you need to tackle multiple home projects.

    A wood and metal work bench with tools and a stool sitting next to it.

    4. A small shelving unit that'll go a long way when you don't have a lot of space left but you still need more organization. If you've found yourself in need of another pantry and want to keep more items organized, consider a bamboo shelving unit such as this for the garage. It's an ideal component for any bigger storage space.

    A wooden mini shelving unit holding books and decorations.

    5. A storage cabinet to help kick off your organization efforts in your closet. This 3-foot tall cabinet has two metal shelves capable of holding up to 75 pounds and is made from heavy-duty resin that won't rust, dent, or scratch.

    A gray storage cabinet

    6. A movable storage cabinet made from heavy-duty steel to show people you mean business when it comes to organization. This durable storage piece comes with a lock set and wheels so you can put it under higher tables and keep it close by when you need the tools it holds.

    A grey steel storage unit with two shelves on wheels with a hardwood work top (not inlcluded)

    7. A double-door storage cabinet so you can finally have what you need to take your garage organization system to the next level. This full cabinet has a capacity of 27 cubic feet and holds up to 690 pounds of equipment across four shelves.

    the grey, rubber double door cabinet in a garage

    8. A pegboard for giving your garage some much-needed space to keep tools organized, but also adding an industrial aesthetic to your space. This 36"x36" metal panel is easy to mount on studs or sheetrock and can hold pegs, hooks, brackets, and even shelves.

    An orange peg board panel holding a variety of Nerf toys and storage baskets

    9. A GearTrack channel rack to give your walls some lengthy storage. At 8 feet long and with eight different hooks, this storage equipment will allow you to hang plenty of items — from 5–50 lbs.

    A GearTrack rack with multiple tools hanging from it

    10. A three-panel pegboard with *takes deep breath* three plastic bins, a screwdriver holder, a hammer holder, and 20 (!!!) additional hooks and brackets. In total, this board has 10.5 feet of pegboard storage and is made from 20-gauge steel construction.

    A galvanized and black pegboard with tools hanging on it

    11. A hanging toolbox from Gladiator you can mount above your workbench for easy access to tools. This adjustable two-shelf organization system comes in an eye-catching red finish and holds up to 200 lbs. If you don't feel like mounting it, the box also comes on wheels making it easy to push and pull out of the way.

    A wall-mounted tool box with two shelves, and red doors.

    12. A wire shelving unit that has a capacity of 600 lbs and six shelves, so you can literally use it for ANYTHING. Pots, pans, bags, decorations, other storage bins, and anything else you can dream of.

    A six-shelve wire rack with pots stacked ontop of it.

    13. A compact garden tool rack to keep your landscape and housekeeping tools in one central place. Easily put this storage container in the corner of your garage and worry less about where your garden rake is the next time your lawn is suddenly drowning in leaves.

    A tool rack holding a rake, shovel and other items

    14. A storage rack for the athletes in your home. Worry less about slipping on a loose basketball or football and worry more about maintaining your cool when the ref makes a bad call at the game. Where are your eyes ref?!?!

    A black sports storage rack with a variety of equipment in the bins

    15. A bObsweep robotic vacuum that will take care of your garage floor for you. Power up "Bob" to not only handle the wear and tear of your garage floor but also to clean in the hard-to-reach spaces you may be hesitant to clean on your own. If you own pets, this device is great at picking up loose pieces of dry food, pet hair, and pet dander in addition to the dust your garage collects.

    A red-colored bObsweep robotic vacuum on a hardwood floor

    16. A two-bike standing bike rack to give your bicycles a parking spot of their own that isn't ~leaned precariously against your car~. Whether it's a mountain bike, road bike, or fat tire bike you own, this rack can hold it.

    Two standing bike racks with two bikes hanging from them

    17. A 12-pair stackable shoe rack for the home that makes you take your shoes off before you come inside. Instead of a bunch of shoes strewn about in your garage, this shoe rack will give your house rule some order.

    A black wooden shoe rack with 4 shelves

    18. A hard floor steamer because the task of cleaning your garage is gross, but with this, it'll be a little less smelly. Avoid harsh chemicals by getting this bagless vacuum that uses steam and water to powerfully clean up hard-to-lift messes from your garage floor. The vacuum comes with a 23-foot-cord, three different steam levels, steam pads, and is ready to use within 30 seconds of turning on.

    A steam vacuum being put to use on a hardwood floor

    19. A push broom with a standing dustpan that will collect debris and dust in preparation for a deeper clean. The dustpan is made from metal and the bristles on the push broom from horsehair, so you can be sure all that dust and dirt from your pumpkin patch adventure gets swept up.

    A push broom and metal dustpan both with wooden handles

    20. A gate allowing you to keep the door open between your garage and home. Every now and then, you may need some air to circulate through your space, but don't want to have to worry about young kiddos or pets getting out. With this, problem solved.

    A gate is installed in a door between two rooms

    21. A laundry hamper on wheels to make laundry day simple and efficient. This three-basket hamper keeps your clothes organized and comes with a top that can double as an ironing board, so any day it's time to separate, wash, and fold, this hamper will be your partner.

    A three-basket hamper with an ironing board top

    22. A floor protector for your pet to have its own designated spot in your garage. Give your pet the VIP treatment with this 5x10-foot flooring that is designed to protect your floor from urine, water, mud, and any other pet debris.

    Grey flooring

    23. And speaking of pets, an automatic feeder and water dish to keep their food and drink from getting all over your freshly cleaned kitchen. This dual system uses gravity to know when to dispense more food and water effectively reducing spillage and keeping you from having to refill the bowls every day!

    An automatic water dispenser and food dispenser on a placemat

    24. An airtight pet food container that'll keep your pet food fresh and your garage from smelling like Buster's Biscuits. The airtight lock seals with a snap-tight latch that helps keep food resh and moisture, humidity, and pests at bay.

    25. A computer desk in case you ever want to make part of your garage an office. If your sleep and office-space share a room and your commute has turned into a five-step walk from bed to desk, it might be time to invest in a separate space for your work brain to function.

    A two-tiered desk with black metal frame and wood desktops

    26. A set of six storage containers for keeping all your holiday decorations easily stored away until the time of year comes for you to bring them back out. Or maybe you need these storage containers for toys, workout equipment, or clothes your closet can't hold — no matter what the case is, this set of see-through containers will be there for you.

    Two plastic containers holding pairs of shoes

    27. A cable cord floor protector to help prevent any tripping going on in the garage. These rubber-made cord protectors will keep any necessary extension cords from being liabilities and conceal them so you can step easily when trying to carry all your groceries up to the house in one trip.

    A floor-based cable protector in black holding three cords

    28. A bin-friendly shelving unit perfect for holding all your tubs of stuff in one place. You know, all those things you said you'd donate or get rid of and somehow only managed to make their way downstairs to your garage. Now they'll finally have a home.

    A set of 4-shelf shelving units holding large bins

    29. An air purifier to keep your garage smelling fresh and free of odors, dust, pollen, and other stenches. With all the activity that takes place in a garage, the air can get thick with random smells and toxins. An air purifier like this one with its 4-storage air cleaning system and washable carbon filters will help your garage stay fresh.

    A standup air purifier

    30. An insect-killing lantern that'll make sure your garage is a no-fly zone for all sorts of creepy crawlers. This UV/LED lantern can be hung or perched in an area of your garage and does its job odorlessly and silently.

    A hanging insect killing lamp

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