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    31 Organization And Storage Products From Target That’ll Transform Your Home

    Keep it together and keep it cute with these items that will store and organize things in your home.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A coiled rope basket that will hang beautifully anywhere in your home and can hold anything from a plant to toiletries.

    A coiled rope basket

    2. A woven basket to give your space a natural aesthetic and hold your plants in style. For the next floor plant you bring home, set it in this and the whole room will brighten up.

    A woven basket

    3. A tray basket that will look good no matter where you set it. Whether you put it in the bathroom to hold toiletries or a family room to hold loose mail, remotes, and other items, this basket is going to look like it belongs.

    A rattatan basket

    4. A fabric storage cube – it fits in storage shelves but also can stand alone. With over 14 colors to choose from, these storage bins will coordinate with any aesthetic in your home and the fabric material fits in anywhere from a bathroom to an office.

    Cube bins in cube storage

    5. A stackable wood storage bin for toys, books, sewing materials, or anything else that fits. Buy two or more and begin to stack them on shelves to keep things organized.

    A stackable wooden bin

    6. A milk crate that isn't just for milk. Whether it's pretend food or action figures, this wooden crate is the solution to keeping your kids' play areas tidy, neat, and stylish.

    A milk crate

    7. A hamper to keep all your dirty laundry off the floor. With a removable bag, this hamper will make laundry day a tad bit more bearable.

    A laundry hamper

    8. A hamper on wheels so your trip to the laundry room isn't a big chore. Equipped with handles on the side, and durable plastic, you can let the laundry pile up without having to worry about lifting a heavy load later.

    A rolling laundry hamper

    9. An under-the-bed storage bag for your clothes that need to be stowed away for the season. Extra bedding can also be packed away with this roomy storage bag that easily fits underneath your bed.

    An under-bed-storage bag

    10. A storage trunk on wheels to give you some storage and style. This 30" trunk has detailed nickel-finished hardware, and a center latch that comes with keys to keep things extra secure if need be.

    A storage trunk

    11. An eight-bin shoe organizer to keep the shoe collection organized. Sit on the top to remove the shoes and store them underneath, that's the best way to enjoy this organizer that can fit in your closet or sit in an entryway.

    A shoe organizer

    12. A hanging closet organizer with a detachable hamper. Simply detach the bag from the organizer when it's time to do laundry, and tuck the clean stuff in one of the three organizing shelves.

    Closet organizer

    13. A pants hanger to give your dresser drawers more space and your pants wrinkle-free. When it's finally time to go out again, your slacks and chinos will be ready to wear coming off these five-tier hangers.

    A pants hanger

    14. A three-drawer closet organizer to give yourself some more room in that cramped closet. This unit is as stylish as it is functional so putting it on display outside of the closet wouldn't be a bad idea either.

    A closet organizer

    15. A garment rack when you want a new closet without doing construction. This metal rack has an extra shelf to hold a few pairs of shoes and keep your wardrobe organized.

    A metal garment rack

    16. A three-shelf utility cart that can be decorative in a home and functional for a garage. Whether you're putting things on display or using it to organize a part of your home, the easy-to-roll cart can get the job done.

    A utility cart

    17. A rounded metal cart to give your space a more modern feel. Use it as a bar cart or tuck it in the bathroom and put some candles on display, no matter where you put this piece, it's going to stand out.

    A rounded metal organizer

    18. A hall tree that will hold more coats, shoes, and anything else you need hung and organized. Slim but solid and sturdy, this 72" rack/bench/shelving combo will give your entryway some organization.

    A hall tree

    19. A two-cube organizer – it packs a lot of use in a small package. At 13", this two-cube shelf may look small, but it's actually the perfect size to be a nightstand, end table, or slide it into a nook.

    A cube organizer

    20. An eight-cube organizer with cubbies for bins. This will give you some much needed space to put things on display but also hold some items, too.

    A cube organizer

    21. A leaning book case that stands tall against any wall. With five shelves, you can get creative with this unit that will make your space look more modern.

    A leaning bookcase

    22. A folding corner shelf that can easily be stored away when necessary. Four shelves and solid wood make this piece look elegant, but the portability is the real star.

    A foldable shelf

    23. A console table for your entryway or hallway that is sleek and useful. The metal accents give this table a contemporary finish and the slim build makes it a real space saver.

    A console table

    24. A rolling shoe rack with a double-sided rack for giving your shoe collection space it needs. With its portability you can easily slide it into a closet and bring it out when it's time to choose a pair.

    A double-sided shoe rack

    25. A stackable bamboo shelf for your pantry problems. Getting a couple of these units will give you more space for your dishes and other dried goods that are fighting for space.

    A stackable shelf

    26. A storage canister that looks so good, you'll put them on display even when they're empty. With a wooden lid and glass finish, these storage containers will most likely sit on your counter so they can be seen.

    A storage canister

    27. A storage basket to store your cleaning supplies under the sink. The most practical thing you can have in your kitchen or bathroom is one of these baskets to keep even the out-of-sight areas organized.

    A storage basket

    28. A 10-piece set of Rubbermaid food storage containers that'll replace your collection of to-go containers. Sure, your takeout containers can be reused, but you can also recycle them and store your leftovers in one of these quality containers.

    Set of food storage containers

    29. A box organizer for storing away those rolls of aluminum foil and food bags. Stop sifting through your pantry and keep the boxes of items you need in order with this unit.

    A box organizer

    30. A cookware organizer that will keep your pans in order. Quit using your oven as pan storage space with this expandable unit.

    A grey expandable cookware rack filled with pots, pants, and cake tins

    31. A three-tiered spice rack to help your pantry achieve mise en place. With an eye-catching stained wood finish, this rack will look great on a countertop, displaying all your seasonings.

    A spice rack

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