10 Badass Brides In Glasses

Seems like the most badass brides are the ones wearing glasses at their wedding. See more at thebrideworeglasses.tumblr.com!


Judy didn’t care if her mama invited all her inbred, meth-cooking, six-fingered relations to her wedding - nothing was going to get her down today.


Wanda was going to make the giant eyelet trend happen if it was the last thing she did.


Laura was psyched to be marrying the best Steve Zahn impersonator on the eastern seaboard.


With her tinted glasses on he looked just like Tom Selleck.


Janet knew that a happy marriage depended largely on her Lysol douching skills.


This wasn’t her first wedding day mug shot, and it wouldn’t be her last.


If it weren’t for Pinterest she would’ve never thought to glitter her glasses for her big day.


“You see girls, this is how you get him to stay still on your wedding night without making him feel like he’s your bitch.”


Liz knew the secret to being relaxed at her wedding depended on the quality of her weed and the amount of Oxycontin in her blood stream.


Leilani was too stoned to care that she was getting married in Grandma’s nightgown.

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