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    Isla Fisher Revealed Why She Doesn't Post Any Pictures Of Her Kids On Social Media

    "All kids have the right to just be kids."

    You won't see any pictures of Isla Fisher's three kids on social media...or at least not on her profile.

    During a recent interview with Marie Claire Australia, the Confessions of a Shopaholic star revealed why she doesn't share any pictures of them.

    "Motherhood is actually my favorite topic, but I keep it private,โ€ Fisher said. โ€œI think all parents are trying to protect their kids, especially in the social media age.โ€

    "I want our children to have a normal childhood, being able to play outside without pressure or scrutiny,โ€ she continued. "All kids have the right to just be kids, and I would never sell a film or magazine by speaking about [mine]."

    Fisher shares her three kids with husband Sacha Baron Cohen, and they have been trying to keep their little ones out of the spotlight for as long as they can remember.

    "If you speak about your children or if you take them to a red carpet event, you can't be litigious later on when there is a picture of them in something and say, โ€˜Hey, they deserve anonymity,' but they do," Fisher previously explained to Today Parents.

    "They have rights too. It's a very conscious decision, and truly I would feel really disgusting about myself if I used my family to sell something,โ€ Fisher added. โ€œIt wouldn't sit right with me. It doesn't line up with my values."

    Fisher and Baron Cohen have been doing a great job of keeping their children off social media. Iโ€™m sure their kids will thank them for it later!

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